AT Safe Affiliate Programs we are a unity of affiliate marketing programs that share our attitude towards forming business relationships built on honesty, trust and integrity. We are striving to enhance the services by uniting under this hub while creating synergies for both ourselves and our affiliate partners. We are intent on adding value to our partners by creating one-stop newsletters, more social- and business events, as well as seminars and roadshows.

How did it start?

Friendship and common goals were key to this unity of programs. Over time, working side by side at every event the gambling community is hosting, a bunch of us have learned that we share business values, that we accept that affiliate relationships have to be built on trust and integrity. Conversations have lead to actions – collaborations have formed.

Maybe you have been at one of the events hosted by 2 affiliate programs that would normally have no business hosting a partner event together. The regular dinners by Intertops and Legend Affiliates are a highlight of any gaming conference and something to look forward too.

We have come to realise that sharing some common events will benefit the affiliates and operators alike, thus forming an even greater circle and opening established separate (single operator) events to other operators within this circle. Thus creating a “safe” zone for affiliate partners by enjoying working and socialising with other integral business partners.

Our circle of operators now opened this platform “safe affiliate programs” to openly show their friendship and invite affiliates to understand our philosophy and our business mentality.

What do we offer by uniting:

  • Open & safe recommendation to other operators in our circle
  • Combined safe events to suit the affiliate partners agenda
  • Troubleshooting ability across safe operators
  • One mail cross operator promotion safe newsletter

How do Recommendations work:

If you work with one of the safe programs listed here, then you can asked to be recommended to work with one of the other safe programs, maybe on a certain condition you would not necessarily achieve by approaching the program yourself.

Or you have certain traffic the could be beneficial to another safe program listed here and your contact will ask you if he can refer you to that safe program.

How do combined Events work:

The Affiliate Partner Dinner is already a set feature that saw 2 programs hosting it together. This dinner might extend to other programs now and thus grow larger to a larger safe dinner. This is an invite only event.

There are single operator events, i.e. Oktoberfest Visit, Skiing Trip, or Beach Retreat, etc. that could be extended to become safe events, thus opening them up to a bigger group of affiliate partners that will have to be working within the group of safe programs.

How does Troubleshooting work:

You might have a technical issue with one safe operator and that issue does not exist with another even if they are working with the same software. Now you can easily ask your contact to cross reference with the other to solve issues.

How does One Email Newsletter sign-up work:

We will send you the safe newsletter that combines all the promotions by the listed safe programs. If this is comprehensive enough for you, you could consider unsubscribing from the single newsletters and reduce your inbox.

What happens when you sign-up for our newsletter:

We will keep your information safe & secure and not hand your details to the safe programs listed here. You are signing up to receive a combined email newsletter that is it. Any cross safe operator recommendations happen only upon request and with your explicit confirmation.

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