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November 19th-25th

Safer Gambling week 2020 is starting on Thursday this week. It is important that we all take the time to reflect on the issues that gambling can have for some. The aim of Safer Gambling Week this year is to drive awareness of adverse side effects of gambling. It will also promote constructive conversations with affiliates, players, and the gambling community.

Gambling Safety

Gambling Safety is something that we all take seriously, particularly in the online gambling world. Safety measures set in place over the past decade have taken our understanding of a “safe environment”, to be more than just data protection. Gambling safety is something that we all advocate, but rarely talk about. This year’s SGW 2020 campaign tagline is “Let’s talk about safer gambling”.

The Conversation

“Let’s talk about safer gambling” is a call to arms for all online and offline gambling operators and affiliates to discuss the impact that gambling has. Over the past decade, changes to the practice of safer gambling have been measured and predictable. These safety options offered greater understanding and allowed gambling portals to question methods and practices that could impact the vulnerable.

The impact that the COVID-19 outbreak has had on players and communities is something that the gambling world cannot stand by and watch anymore. Greater understanding and cohesion with gambling charities are needed and action will be taken.

It is already in practice. We see TV ads that normally sported the latest spins promotions and bonus offers were replaced with safer gambling messages. In the UK underage gambling restrictions were expanded. Personal ID and age-verification checks are mandatory. Add to this the ban on gambling with credit cards. The industry reacted in a decisive and positive way that met with wide scale approval and acceptance.

Lead gambling charities are available for guidance. This year they will feature prominently in the SGW 2020 campaign, offering workshops and training sessions. Although safer gambling is the general focus, extra emphasis will be placed on reaching out to those that work with young people. This is aimed at teachers, youth workers, and health professionals.

So how can We Help?

We can play an active part in fine fine-tuning our services to provide a safe environment. We can start the communication with affiliate partners to work alongside each other for the good of the players.

Let’s help everyone to enjoy their leisure time without it becoming a problem.

Safer Gambling Forum

To get more informed, you can pop into the conversation at Safer Gambling Forum. Their sessions are delivered association with EGR. On offer are knowledge sharing and best practices with speakers from operators like William Hill, organizations like GamCare and GamStop, as well as Technology providers. Attendance is free so if you want to register just click here!


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